The Tourist Board of the Tuhelj, Klanjec and Veliko Trgovišće municipalities unites three neighboring localities that offer many tourist attractions and specialties.

The Croatian leader of continental tourism is located within this area − Hotel Well**** in Tuheljske Toplice with a modern complex of water attractions and wellness facilities in an area of​​more than 6000 m². Not far from Tuheljske Toplice, the famous sarcophagi of the Erdödy family are located in the town of Klanjec, and the birthplace of the first Croatian president, Dr. Franjo Tuđman, in Veliko Trgovišće. The Croatian writer Antun Mihanović, author of the Croatian anthem "Our Beautiful Homeland", was inspired by the natural beauty to great creativity.

Zagorje is an area of​​ humble, hardworking and open-hearted people with a wide smile where every good-intentional traveler or guest is going to be greeted like an old friend.



CAR The municipality of Veliko Trgovišće is only 30 km away from Zagreb. You can plan your arrival and stay in this wonderful green oasis in merely half an hour from the capital of Croatia, From the direction of Krapina, the capital of the Krapina-Zagorje County, the fastest access is the Krapina-Zagreb Highway, the Zabok exit, or by several regional and local roads that provide you with beautiful views of green hills and fairytale vineyards. If you are coming from the direction of Ljubljana, which is about 120 km away, access is provided from two basic directions − the 1st from the direction of Samobor, (via Bregana-Obrežje border crossing) or the 2nd (via the Macelj-Gruškovje border crossing). If you decide to explore and sightsee the area, we recommend the border crossings Razvor-Bistrica ob Sotli, Mihanović Dol-Orešje or Miljana-Imeno.



BUS Bus routes operate several times during each day from the direction of Zagreb to Veliko Trgovišće, Tuhelj or Klanjec. You can search for information at www.presečki.hr or you can use the Zagreb-Kotoriba train connection with stations in Veliko Trgovišće or Zabok as the starting station for your trip: https://prodaja.hzpp.hr/ 



TRAIN : You can use the Zagreb-Kotoriba train connection with stations in Veliko Trgovišće or Zabok as the starting station for your trip:  https://prodaja.hzpp.hr//).




PLANE If you decide to arrive by plane, the Franjo Tuđman International Airport (info - http://www.zagreb-airport.hr/) is only 45 km away.


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